thom voyce is a jazz musician, session trumpeter and composer. having completed his studies at the royal welsh college of music and drama, thom has developed a strong musical identity, inspired by musicians such as ambrose akinmusire, avishai cohen and bill frisell, and aims to continue to develop a unique approach to contemporary jazz. thom is also a prolific and dependable session musician, having recorded with the likes of jack mac & matheus prado, and worked with touring and function bands such as bass12.

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with the matheus prado septet:

with jack mac:

Childhood by the matheus prado septet and Swagger Mac by jack mac are available on all major streaming services.

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yazz ahmed 08/06/18

Yazz Ahmed’s music can best be described as an amalgamation of middle-eastern folk and cool jazz. Her recent album, La Saboteuse, combines her influences and experiences as a jazz and session trumpeter with entrancingly alien Arabic scales and grooves, creating a fluid sound world that transports the listener straight inside her mind. This marriage of … Continue reading yazz ahmed 08/06/18

huw warren 23/01/19

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Huw Warren ahead of his upcoming release, Everything In Between, to be released on March 15th on the CAM JAZZ record label. Recorded in northern Italy with Dudley Phillips and Zoot Warren, Everything In Between masterfully showcases the passion and expression that Huw Warren is well-known for, whilst … Continue reading huw warren 23/01/19

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