10th july: the redordead midweek 5-a-siders vs the rest of the world @ flute & tankard cardiff

A jazz fan turns fifty-three and dreams: it is 1959, Miles Davis records Kind of Blueand Bill Shankly becomes manager of Liverpool Football Club.  In the nineteen-sixties, the jazz fan is born, just as Liverpool finally win the F.A. Cup and Davis signs Wayne Shorter from the Jazz Messengers to complete the lineup of his new quintet.  In a couple of years’ time, Shankly too will have to rebuild his team…

When the seventies arrive, the boy turns five and enters school: both Davis and Shankly are at the peak of their powers, and enjoying renewed success.  And then, both men suddenly and inexplicably retire.  Only Miles will come back – and, by then, it is the eighties…

James Clark (piano) is Kevin Keegan, the captain of the RedOrDead midweek five-a-siders, whose quick-passing exploration of the imagined and anachronistic influence of David Bowie, ABBA and Roy Harper upon the music of Miles Davis, carries supporters through a decade that stretches from the launch of Sputnik to the Moon landings, from Kind of Blue to In a Silent Way, and onwards into the barely imaginable stramash of popular music, children’s colour television and pitch invasions which was the seventies.”

kick off 9pm

tickets £7/£5 for concessions

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